Atollo / Art. 6

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TYPE: Trevira CS

USE: Curtain,Upholstery for Medium, Hard Us


Atollo is a fabric with innovative and unique technical characteristics; was developed from intense research on highly technical yarns. Atollo combines a refined style with respect for nature and the environment: this is achieved thanks to a process that requires much less energy than all other synthetic yarns, is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, 100% recyclable and fireproof. Atollo adapts perfectly to the internal and external environment, antistatic and highly resistant to mold and bacteria.

Atollo is easy to clean and can be machine washed at 40 ° C. Resistant to U.V. , this guarantees a high resistance of the color to sunlight. Atollo is made with Oeko Tex StandaRD 100 certified fibers.
This means that Atollo does not contain harmful elements and is compatible with the environment made with environmentally friendly raw materials. Atollo respects the environment because it is built in a structure that uses solar energy to produce the energy necessary to power the machinery. The quantity of electricity from renewable sources generated each year is equal to 50% of the plant's needs.

U.M.: mtl
DIMENSION: ↔ 1,40 mtl
REPEAT: ↨ 0 cm ↔ 0 cm

COMPOSITION: 100%polyolefinic fr

WEIGHT: 740 +/- gr/mtl



COLLECTION In & Outdoor 4

In&Outdoor 3 : today more than ever these terms are complementary and give rise to more and more refined and sophisticated solutions in terms of style,colors and materials to meet the needs of furniture influenced by the world of design and fashion.
In&Outdoor 3 collection comes from the experience of AGENA to give a comprehensive response to the need for a fabric that combines the resistance to weathering and sunlight with the suitability for users where the application of fire retardant and high resistance, offered by the innovative fiber thread, constitute a prerequisite.

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