Maui / Art. 50

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TYPE: Trevira CS

USE: Curtain,Upholstery for Medium, Hard Us

DESIGN: Stripes

Maui, horizontal striped fabric, jacquard workmanship, proposed in six color variants.
Each variant has three stripes of different heights and colours, which makes this fabric lively, summery and fresh.
Solid and robust to the touch, suitable for upholstery.

U.M.: mtl
DIMENSION: ↔ 1,40 mtl
REPEAT: ↨ 13,5 cm x ↔ 0 cm

COMPOSITION: 100%polyolefinic fr

WEIGHT: 670+/- gr/mtl



COLLECTION In & Outdoor 5

AGENA PRO, offers for Contract furniture, three fabrics with high performance technical characteristics without sacrificing style.
Robust and colourful fabrics. The design is decisive, strong and simple, as are the fabrics obtained from tribal weaving. It is no coincidence that the names are linked to places where the spirit returns wild.
Maui, Sumatra and Maverick are three symbolic places for those who love surfing, but also for those who love spaces where nature is uncontaminated.

Maui (Hawaii) is an island with enviable beaches and two volcanoes located one to the west and one to the east.
Sumatra (Indonesia) is a breathtakingly beautiful place.
Maverick (Californa) predominant feature, the gigantic waves, which not everyone is willing to challenge for the dangerous marine conditions.

Jacquard fabrics using top quality synthetic technical yarns such as Polyolefinic FR and Polyester FR.
Fire-resistant fabrics, with IMO certification, easily machine washable at 40° without having to iron them.

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