Tokio / Art. 70

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TYPE: Trevira CS

USE: Upholstery for Medium, Hard Us



U.M.: mtl
DIMENSION: ↔ 1,40 mtl
REPEAT: ↨0 cm x ↔ 0 cm

COMPOSITION: 100%polyolefinic fr

WEIGHT: 528 gr/mtl




COLLECTION In & Outdoor 2

Three flame-retardant technological fabrics, soft to the touch thanks to a skilful finishing result of continuous research conducted by the Style Center and products in 100% polyolefinic, represent Agena's 2012 outdoor proposal. They offer added value, because the yarn with which they are produced guarantees the safety and health of the family being antiallergic, antibacterial, recyclable and totally free of toxic additives.
VIENNA proposes a structured geometric design: symmetrical parallelograms are released from a small central hexagon that evoke the movement of pinwheels in the summer wind. The skilful workmanship carried out by expert Italian artisans embellishes the structure of the fabric: two different weave stages combine to evoke refined weaves similar to the "Vienna straw" from which the fabric takes its name. There are four colors available: esquisse col. 15, delicate cream tone on tone; gold col. 30 bright gold on cream to remember the bright summer sun; reflet col. 80 very elegant rope on cream; cobalt col. 70 navy blue weave on cream.
TOKIO represents the monochromatic variant of the same fabric, elegant and refined and highlights the precious stitching of the thread in contrast. The 4-color palette is identical: esquisse col. 15 (cream); gold col. 30 (bright gold); reflet col. 80 (rope); cobalt col. 70 (nay blue).
IN & OUTDOOR, proposes a minute geometric damier design with contrasting tone-on-tone colors and offers a palette of 5 colors, which can be combined with Vienna and Tokyo: esquisse (col. 10), gold (col. 20), gray (col. 90), brown (col. 100), red (col. 110).
Due to their characteristics VIENNA, TOKIO and IN & OUTDOOR are ideal fabrics for outdoor coverings and also for the contract sector (hotels, theaters, cruise ships and yachts) and can offer safety to residential furnishings because they are fire-retardant.
In fact, polyolefinic is a specific yarn for outdoor use because it is resistant to UV rays, stain-resistant, and water-repellent therefore resistant to humidity. The fabric is easily machine washable at 40 ° degrees and is 100% resistant to sunlight: even after years the colors retain the shine of the first day. It resists the most common stains, such as oil-butter-sunscreen-chocolate and also resists wear and does not show pilling even after numerous washes.